The Structure

The Structure

Relais Cimillà is an ancient fortified manor farm, rebuilt in the 1700’ on the project of an old noble castle. The magnificence of the past decades, of the glories of Principles, Earls and Barons, who guided the fortune of Sicily for decades, remain in the memory of the last hundred years. And they still hand down stories and legends, but further more we can find this glories in the feudal architecture, real masterpieces of rural art.

The Sicily’s fortified manor farms, as Relais Cimillà, were true rural villages, where every production was made within the manor. The “muri a secco” (old type of walls, built without any kind of cement, stone on stone) were built all around the manor, to protect it from foreign attacks.

The most practiced type of breeding was cattle farming, and so they used to elaborate milk in various ways, but they also used to produce a lot of cereals.

All the rooms of the manor, from the ones which used to be the Baron’s apartment to the ones which used to be the farmer’s room, look out of the large yard (Baglio) of the manor.

The structure was built with though, durable and compact, dry mounted limestone. The walls were very thick, as they perform a role of insulation, very important for the rooms.

Even today, the Relais Cimillà, offers a comfortable atmosphere in any season, set in one of the most beautiful farm villages of Sicily.